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Item Price Quantity
KSD-1 $35  
KSD-2 $35  
KSD-3 $35  
KSD-4 $35  
KSD-5 $35  
KSD-6 $35  
KSD-7 $35  
KSD-8 $35  
KSD-9 $35  
KSD-10 $35  
KSD-11 $35  
KSD-12 $35  
KSD-13 $35  
KSD-14 $70  
KSD-15 $35  
KSD-16 $100  
KSD-17 $70  
KSD-18 $100  
KSD-19 $70  
KSD-20 $100  
KSD-21 $70  

Above listed training DVDs was produced by Grandmaster Lim, Sungkon
Audio and video quality may not good as those commercial DVD's. 
However, this is a very comprehensive course with a substantial amount of material.
It contains very valuable information for those who seeking for Korean Martial Arts.
In the near future, more subjects of training DVDs will be available.

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